Net – Centric Warfare Issues – Bandwidth and Security

There are many concerned approximately the issues with Net-Centric Warfare, cryptonics, bandwidth issues and whilst “we put our money wherein our mouth is” we marvel, will all of it work, as our enemy seems for holes in the system to exploit? It seems like it’s far operating and seems like it’s going to paintings better than we count on. That is a good component as it is not cheap. One of the biggest concerns with RF for verbal exchange is that it’s miles without problems intercepted (directional communications techniques are a great deal tougher to intercept).

We presently use many frequencies and technology to switch facts and that also now consists of mild. One problem is what to do with all the facts and still make sure that the facts gets to where it’s far going and ASAP. Not to say massive need for 0 errors inside the data or so few errors that it’s miles now not important. One manner to do this is to ship facts and once it gets going begin re-sending the primary spherical of records once more, this way any corrupted information can be fixed, because the initial burst is often in which problems arise.

The best problem with this is that it takes up extra area and adds to the possibility of interception. Luckily, it takes loads of hardware to accumulate all that information and this will suggest the enemy ought to also have now not handiest the sector’s satisfactory manner to element prime numbers the use of three dimensional equations but need to additionally be able to take care of that amount of statistics waft.

In the internet centric game, each factor ought to be completely functional and able to flow and adapt to neighborhood changes fast like a networked set of businesses in franchising; unique team on the soccer area, small strike force or flash mob. As each thing of the net-centric team survives on it is very own it’s miles re-enforced by the whole. But to be re-enforced with it’s direct wishes the symbiotic courting wishes right statistics.

Just like the body desires to understand that if one component is harm the opposite elements compensate, the sign used is referred to as pain and it indicators the complete that there’s a hassle and it behooves the larger gadget to be cautioned. Pain is a large quantity of alerting strength and consequently, in a net-centric system you want to have all possible statistics to the brain of the whole to determine what to do and wherein to re-implement the machine exceptional.

Now then, how do you get huge amounts of records to Central Command? In a way wherein the statistics is secure and can’t be stolen or hacked and deliver away essential statistics which can be used against the whole or any of the vital additives? Well new technology within the non-public sector encompass: Terabeam. Terabeam, beams records at extremely unheard of quotes. By the use of this era, TeraBeam can be despatched to a UAV for records capture and sending. The new TeraBeam Technology has come a long way.

Linking UAVs with TeraBeam tracking and records collection systems appears suitable however things are clearly shifting gradual as is depicted on this document in Jan of 2002. Clearly the thoughts then are to this point in the back of the perceived potential of what can be.

The sending unit might be on a HumVee and comply with and song the UAV in flight and ship the data or the UAV should have the tracking unit on it. It might be a predator kind UAV or even a Lighter than air Balloon.

For intercepting enemy transmissions it is able to be a balloon which became see through without a obvious radar signature till time to gather the facts with shutters made of cloth had to gather the facts and sincerely blink on and stale as it disrupted, retransmitted for decoding the WOV or disrupt or reflect. For Long variety Terabeams. Laser disruption might be made viable with the aid of chemical laser or combining pulsed, particle and chemical lasers.

A reflect will be used to intercept to influence around it. For sending to a UAV a UAV would be ready with tiny motors in the back of mirrors to arch records for sending to a flying UAV with a laser finder MALT Transmitter. This is all viable now without an excessive amount of trouble, simply need to build a operating prototype if in truth one isn’t already being constructed or maybe used in the subject (have heard rumors) as we speak after all a modern-day day plane service can send real time directional data transmissions a multitude of ways even as in movement and bouncing in the seas in horrible weather to aircraft, satellites, different ships, etc.

The best difference might be that is a lot quicker a manner to communicate and we most effective need to make it smaller to place into aircraft the size of the predator or smaller, the smaller the higher. And one of these device sure beats the heck out of the older structures as we input a new age of Net-Centric Warfare.